About me:

I’m Fluffee O’Panda. I’ve been in the radio game since 2009. I started in the music department of UCTRadio and I co-hosted/produced a rock&metal show called The Holy Grail of Rock from 2010-2013 as well as did a brunch show called Fridays with Fluffee for a short while.

While at UCT I studied film and media production, English lit and Drama, and did a couple of courses in History, Classics, Social Anthropology and one politics class in my first year that I remember nothing about. I also studied Journalism at City Varisty.

Currently I work for Lalela Media; this totally awesome sound design company- podcasts is our game. A part of my job is to create content for Assembly Radio’s website, assist with Lalela Media projects as well as assist Assembly Radio show hosts.

I’m also a photographer, bibliophile, music lover and total nerd for any animation. I occasionally write blog posts for my blog Fluffs Wolrd andI’ve also started a DIY Blog called Ladylike Pandas, which is not online yet, but we’re super close to it.

About The Soapbox:

The Soapbox Radio Show is a new passion project I’m very excited to be doing with RobynHood. We met and immediately hit it off. She also laughs at my jokes which is great. The idea of having monthly themes and creating content around that is exciting, and a little bit terrifying, because it opens up our options for guests, events, contributors and stories. We’re going to get very personal on air, so don’t be afraid to get personal with us too! We love hearing people’s stories, passions, goals, achievements and trials.  But most of all we love sharing it all with you.

Think of us as friends who are meeting over coffee or wine. We’re going to talk about everything under the sun, but just with a theme.

So please do join us as we bring you stories from all works of life to learn from, laugh with and fall in love.