They say not to judge a book by its cover and with this book, that’s exactly what I tried to do.

The title, a simple sentence that reminds you of what weddings cost; a great deal of hard earned cash as well as all our spare energy, and these days everyone wants a spectacular show that won’t affect the budget and this book has the guidelines to get you through it.

 Although not a book for every reader, it’s a definite skim for professional planners with brides on a tight budget, and a must read for those planning their own weddings without professional help. Diane Warner knows her stuff from both reliable resources and experiences, which makes this one of my definite must haves on my book shelf.

This book succeeded to cover most new age, as well as traditional ideas, for not only just weddings, but any big flashy party that one may use this information for.

 The effort and time put into gathering all the nitty gritty pieces of information into a decent book that new age brides may use, is definitely appreciated. It’s not every day one comes across everything in one full platform. From a full 4 page resources list, including numbers and websites, to a basic idea of possible projected pricing (in dollars, yet still useful), it covers a giant scale wedding in the matter of a few page turns.

 Diane Warner has a very involved writing style, so if you enjoy that type of writing, I suggest looking for any of her very well written and popular editions.

 – The big wedding on a small budget: Planner & Organizer – print. 1992

– Diane Warner’s complete book of wedding vows – print. 2006

– Wedding toasts: hundreds of ways to say congratulations – print. 2008

 It is my suggestion that anyone in the Events industry take a moment to consider Diane’s wisdom based on the number of wedding editions she’s successfully written.

Reviewed By: Mikaila Beretta

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