Calling all Assassin’s Creed fans and all gamers, if you’re in the mood for an explicitly political and violent story line to quench your imagination substantially, here is the book for you.

The book itself starts a little slowly, but this is merely to set the tone for the rest of the story. It allows one’s imagination to become alive with the vivid explanations of the settings, and the introduction to the Creed lifestyle we all know and love so much. Here is your background origin story, to everyone who enjoys a good start up.

This particular book starts in Ezio’s early life before he knows about The Creed or discovers his family’s secret bond to it. We’re introduced to Ezio, his family and the basic lifestyle of the Italian people of that time, to his first ever assassinations as well as how he embarks on his journey, from first learning the tricks of the trade to his first leap of faith. We are also introduced to the first real attempts of the Templar rule to take over: from the deaths of Ezio’s Father and brothers, to burying all evidence of their schemes to literally taking over the world.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of the Knights Templar and The Creed, here’s a small bit of background. The Templars came from a charity that was granted pardon from the Pope of the era, which lead to them developing an elite military force of their own, with very powerful “friends” up in government and the Church. The Creed started as a counter to try and protect the people from the excessive greed, manipulation and mindless violence that the Templars had created. Fast forward a few 100 years, and we’re placed in Italy, with Ezio and the beginning of his journey. Ezio unknowingly entered the world of an ongoing battle between good peace keepers and those who threaten the very current of everyday life.

In this first book, we learn with young Ezio and embark on his journey with him as if we too are part of The Creed and its satisfying adventures that engulf you and allow you to vividly live through Ezio himself. He travels long distances to discover extreme parts of his history and identity, to truly become an Assassin of The Creed. He meets many familiar faces, makes new daunting enemies and friends out of some of the most bizarre people… like an owner of a classic brothel and a silly drunkard with his wife.

If you are not a follower of the games or the Assassin’s trend, I’d suggest getting acquainted with the games and the books around the same time. However, if you’re a short version person, you’ll most likely enjoy the games first and look for your background information in the books later.

I recommend this book and the set to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, craves adventure and doesn’t mind a good political fight to read through as the action and political aspect tie into the story well enough to please any hardcore fan.

The Assassin’s Creed books in this series are:

  • Brotherhood
  • The Secret Crusade
  • Revelations
  • Forsaken
  • Black Flag
  • Unity
  • Underworld

Reviewed by: Mikaila Beretta

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