The Profane Travelers

The Adventure Box is written by The Profane Travelers and focuses on their experiences, cautions, know-how, wisdom, observations and adventures while they’re staying in South Korea.

The disclaimer

Just to let you all know what we think is pretty obvious but lesbihonest, some people need this:

This blog is our personal account of our travels. It may not be what you experience at all on your travels. Our descriptions, anecdotes and advice might not apply to every person who reads this. It’s what we went through and would have liked to know when we started this journey. We are in no way attempting to insult, belittle or negatively impact anyone through this blog. If you would like to share your experiences we’re pretty open minded and willing to listen, compare and even update our posts to suit. However, if you’re a sad little troll we won’t be wasting our time. Don’t be a whiney little bitch.