Music Month:

4 July 2016: Shiba Melissa Mazaza (music journalist)

Our first interview as The Soapbox, we spoke to music journalist Shiba Mazaza.
She brought along some great music to share with us, which we’ve included in the interview.

11 July 2016: Graham Ward (music producer)

As a part of Music Month we interviewed international music producer Graham Ward and South African musician Dani Diamond (Gallows Hill).
We spoke to Graham about his upcoming projects, his life-long music career and how he would compare SA’s music scene to the international scene.
During the interview we’ve included the music of some of the South African artists his label Ward Wide Music is working with.

18 July 2016: Francesca Biancoli (singer) &  The CITY (band)

As a part of Music Month we interviewed Italian singer/songwriter Francesca Biancoli.
Italian jazz/soul singer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently, in South Africa she has a new band that is founded by a group of musicians and linked together by one and the same “flag”: the music from across the ocean, the Black music. This group ranges from soul to funk and R & B to jazz, tying everything into one big beat.

As a part of #MusicMonth we had Bonj and Clement from The CITY join The Audio Foxes in studio. TheCITY is a Future Afro band from Cape Town, South Africa. Guided by a strong belief in paying tribute to their musical heritage, they blend African rhythms and grooves with electronic sounds and soulful melodies.


Women’s Month:

1 August 2016: Lauren Beukes (author)

To start off #WomensMonth we were joined by author Lauren Beukes.
Lauren Beukes writes novels and things. Her books include The Shining Girls, Zoo City (winner of the Arthur C Clarke Award), Moxyland and Broken Monsters.

8 August 2016: Dr Khaki (Medical Officer)

This show focuses specifically on Women’s Health and is the full show. We interviewed Dr Khaki, an Emergency Medical Officer.
We cover all health topics from pap smears to how to hygienically cough.